1. Notes: 2 / 1 month ago 
    fuckyeahtool turned 5 today!
It’s a celebration, bitches!

    fuckyeahtool turned 5 today!

    It’s a celebration, bitches!


  2. Notes: 1 / 5 months ago 
    Tool singer Keenan leaves Arizona Stronghold winery

    NOOOOO! -M

  3. Notes: 15 / 8 months ago 
    Metal Singers Who Can Sing You to Sleep + Scare You to Death

    You had to know MJK would be on there.


  4. Notes: 9 / 10 months ago 
    Feature: 10 Reasons Why Puscifer is The Coolest Band in the World



  5. Notes: 1 / 10 months ago 
    Billy Howerdel talks A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide and teching for Nine Inch Nails
  6. Notes: 8 / 11 months ago 
    Hear A Perfect Circle's Glorious 15-Minute 'Diary of a Madman/Lovesong' Live Suite

    DUDE. Yes. Yes.

  7. Notes: 1 / 11 months ago 
    Maynard James Keenan vs. Lemmy Kilmister - Greatest Metal Frontman, Round 2

    You know what do to. Vote once per hour for our main man!


  8. Notes: 2 / 1 year ago 
    Alex Webster vs. Justin Chancellor – Greatest Metal Bassist, Round 2

    Vote now!

    Heard you can vote once per hour, but if you guys do once per day, we can be victorious.


  9. Notes: 1 / 1 year ago 
    Justin Chancellor vs. Colin Marston - Greatest Metal Bassist, Round 1

    Vote now!

  10. Notes: 1 / 1 year ago 
    The Best Musicians on Instagram Pictures - Puscifer | Rolling Stone
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